EP 1

by Darren Jilks

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released November 23, 2016

All songs written, performed and recorded by Darren Jilks.



all rights reserved


Darren Jilks Leicester, UK

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Track Name: Rise
I'm the last line on your page
I'm the light that would not fade
I'm the black moon on the rise
Only softly out of sight

When I wanted something real
I remembered how to feel
Track Name: Remind Me Later
Where do your words hide
When the thoughts come in?
When we meet on the same high
It takes the edge off everything
It's stable, like forgetting

How the years can speak untruths
When you believe in them like I do
I took the fall again too soon
I saw a mirror in you

We all know something
We all go somewhere

Gravity pulls down
On our missed connections
The symmetry we sustain
Forever suspended

If I re-write my mind
Remind me later
Track Name: Sleep Light
You left the blood on the wall
You took the weight of the fall
Made yourself hard to ignore
You knew something

I can't relate to the mind
That lays it all on the line
To find a shoulder to lie
Missing something

Say you're not leaving
Then I'm not sleeping

I kept the blood from you
Always at the edge of my mind
Trying to focus the light
I found something

The imperfections were always unexpected
Your fire, when not connected to mine
It missed something

You won't be leaving tonight
So I'll be sleeping light
If I'm sleeping at all
Track Name: The Facts
Just take a look at the facts
I think I want you, maybe
How'd you get where you are?
Did it get you far?

Some kind of order that we're meant to fall in. I don't know, I heard something low to the ground. She wasn't there, I don't think, but it was hard to tell. Seconds, not minutes, I was there. It might be a succession of this, I wonder. Maybe this is all there is, and instead of worrying about the next ending, try to make the most of the space in between. I need to see the end before I even try, I'll live without deadlines. Will you come with me into the next stretch of time? I'm ready to escalate, and you seem worth the shake. In you, I see flashes of a Summer when I was first hit by the perfume of desire. Beyond the exterior, I see an animal soul, kindred. How do I bring mine to the surface, so that you might recognise the soul in me?

I think this is a story best told by time.
Track Name: Where It Ends
I don't want to run when I see you there
Now I know how you really feel

I know we worry about the same things going wrong
And I don't know where it ends and we begin

I don't want to know where you get around
You make me want to run
I just want to run
But you won't let the feeling out

I don't know what it's like to let complications lie
I don't know just where we ended up this time

But I don't want to run
Don't want to worry about the same things