Love At The End Of The World

by Darren Jilks

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released May 9, 2017

All songs written, performed and recorded by Darren Jilks.


all rights reserved



Darren Jilks Leicester, UK

Pop songs for your existential crisis

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Track Name: Love At The End Of The World
Love at the end of the world
In the shadow of a mountain
We might have it all

Home in the absence of hope
We found a cold sense of freedom
Tearing down the walls

She said "I've got to go plan a revolution"
Then she pulled on her dress and sat up on the bed
Was that the last thing she said?

Warm, but the house is on fire
Anything that keeps you running
Keeps you in the night

I knew she had to go under no illusion
Then she kissed me and said she'd be back for the end
As the last line of defence
I knew then she'd bring it back

Love at the end of the world
In the words they cast aside
Baby, you and I
Track Name: Thaw My Heart
Lost in the shine of the morning
I don't know if I can belong
I sit on the shore, sure of nothing
In the roots of the day
Silence waits like a lover
Patient for me to come home
I sit on the shore, sure of nothing

But if I can thaw my heart
Come back to the earth I lost
I know the day I stay here is the day I get tired of running away

I don't know if I can belong
Track Name: At The Centre
I've got a lot of time to kill
I've got a lot of space to fill
It gets complicated the more you know
So try to concentrate on letting go

Be the centre of your own world
Let the woman heal the girl
At the centre of your own world

You can call me when the blood runs warm
I'll be waiting for the thoughts to form
I feel you coming when the lights lie low tonight

You can see me when your dreams fall short
Or conceal me in the afterthought
But I feel you near me when the moon hangs full and bright

It had to lead you somewhere
Just thought that it would lead you home
Track Name: How Much Time
How much time until I can be alone with you?
How much space before we start to hesitate?
I try to keep my distance but then I feel you do the same
For how much time should I wait?

In my dreams I follow ghosts to my door
They don't say much, stay out of focus
I search them for the answers
But the questions get confused
Even in my dreams, I can't choose

On the nights we hit the bottom
We were synchronising friends
What did we expect?
Left outside to my designs
I had to lay my head somewhere
Found a station for myself

How much time until I can make sense of this?
How much space will I gain?
I see you in the picture just as I start to move the frame
How much time will it take?
Track Name: (She Sang) Something Softly
She sang something softly
Returning to the waves, lonely
Hard to find the forward steps to take
An ocean of broken sound
Surrounding her now

See how the colours crumble
When the world's so cold
We make it known
Track Name: Fire
The chair's creaking
The world's sleeping
We made it feel that way
Slow comfort with no word from you
I forget my place

Fixating on fixed addresses
But not familiar planes
No former love took the best of us
We never fell too late

Now you know what it took to let you go
Waiting for the fire to sate